GKS AM is a modular system for knee joint arthrodesis.
This type of implant offers an additional option for preservation of the lower limb.

Insertion of the prosthesis into the bone can be done in two different ways

  • Press-fit
  • Cementation

It is indicated in the case of:

  • Outcomes of a knee replacement explant or post traumatic knee replacement when a revision prosthesis is not advisable
  • Arthrodesis where immediate loading of the leg is required
  • Loss or damage to the muscular system
  • Neuromuscular pathologies

GKS AM is a modular system composed of:

Femoral stem

Extensor body

Stem screws:

Useful to connect the stems to the two components tibial and femoral.

They are available in two different lengths.

Tibial stem

Central body divided into:

Tibial component

Femoral component

Locking screws for the central module

The central module was designed as a conjugation element between the tibial and femoral stem.

Fixation screws prevent both translational and rotational relative motion in all major planes.

To respect the anatomical configuration of the knee, in addition to a flexion of 7° there are 3 different possible inclinations:

  • 6° right
  • 0° neutral
  • 6° left


Femoral and tibial component of the central body made of Ti alloy – ISO 5832/11.
Locking screws of the central module in Ti Alloy – ISO 5832/11 with TiNbN coating.
Intramedullary stems and elongation module in Ti Alloy – ISO 5832/11.
Fixation screws for connecting the stems with the central body in Ti Alloy – ISO 5832/11 and TiNbN coating.