GKS Prime Flex RK TRASER® Revision Cones are obtained through 3D printed Selective Laser Melting additive manufacturing process, which allows to obtain solid objects from 3D-CAD digital models by adding the raw material (Ti6Al4V powder) layer over layer.

The randomized size and geometrical shape of the trabecular porous surface in contact with the bone provides optimal structure for bone in-growth and biological type secondary fixation of the implant.

Femoral and Tibial cones are UNIVERSAL devices to be used in knee prosthesis revision surgeries in the presence of serious bone defects in order to provide reinforcement/support to the bone structure thus allowing the positioning, within them, of cemented prosthetic components.


To be used to fill any bone defects at the femoral metaphysis

Conical Design

Available in 4 sizes:
XS, S, M and L


To be used to fill any bone defects at the tibial metaphysis

Available in “Stepped” version, for asymmetrical bone defects, an in Cylindrical and Conical designs

Cylindrical: 2 Diameters (25mm and 29 mm);
Conical: 3 Sizes (S, M, L);


Titanium alloy Ti6Al4V – ISO 5832/3; ASTM F 2924
The device DOES NOT CONTAIN any ferromagnetic materials.