Permedica training program has been designed to stand next to surgeons moving towards the anterior approach.

DAA is often related with a learning curve, thus support and training during this phase are essential.

In order to provide an advanced and tailored service, Permedica offers a professional education program to accompany the surgeon from the initial phase and even further.

Permedica has set up a wide range of activities to enhance surgeon’s experience and promote peers’ interaction.


With several years of clinical experience, in cooperation with a group of expert surgeons, Permedica has developed a range of implants suitable for the anterior approach.

EXACTA RS is the latest born!

  • Bone sparing
  • Designed for MIS approaches
  • Anatomical curvature and progressive growth

Find out more on Permedica stems product range:


Based on the expertise of several DAA experts, Permedica has developed a set of instruments for the Direct Anterior Approach.

Instruments with ad-hoc design features are available to simplify crucial steps of the surgical technique and improve effectiveness while being soft-tissues sparing.

  • Leg positioning system
  • Retractors
  • Offset broach handles
  • Curved cup positioner


In partnership with IOT, Permedica offers one of the best-in-class solutions for patient positioning, the PURIST system.

This next generation positioning system is designed to boost efficiency and surgeon control throughout the procedure.

Easy to move, user-friendly and precise, the PURIST offers many clinical and operational advantages.

Combine the PURIST with any standard OR table to build a superior leg positioning system.