Respecting the anatomy

Anatomical curvature
Bone sparing
Physiological load support

Product range: 7 sizes anatomic
press-fit and cemented

The PROMISE S stem is characterized by an anatomical shape and reduced dimensions thus allowing a minimally invasive approach, preservation of the femoral neck and minimal bone sacrifice in the metaphyseal region.

Physiological load bearing support

The anatomy of the femoral neck and the aspect of the force lines in the calcar region demonstrate an extremely resistant structure with an elevated load bearing capacity. Moreover, thanks to the angled position of the femoral neck, its preservation stabilizes the stem thus avoiding torsion movements [1].

[1] Tobin WJ (1955): The internal architecture of thefemur and its clinica/ significance. J Bone Joing Surg Am 37:41-57 .

Maintaining of the blood supply

By preserving the femoral neck intact, the surrounding arterial branches are preserved as well, thus guaranteeing blood supply to the femoral proximal region and safeguarding the bone structure used for supporting the implant.

Surface coating

The cementless version provides an HaX-Pore® surface coated with 500 microns of pure porous Titanium and 40 microns of hydroxyapatite, applied with plasma-spray technique in order to obtain good primary stability and encourage osteoblast growth.

Niche for impactor

Cemented version PROMISE S Plus

Presenting a mirror polished surface.

Taper 12/14

Threaded hole for posisioning/extraction

Anatomical curvature

Antirotational longitudinal groove

The PROMISE S stem, both in the cementless and cemented version, is made
of Titanium Aluminium Niobium forged alloy in compliance with ISO5832/11 Standards.