Double porous coating to optimize primary
stability and osseointegration

Product range: 12 sizes (standard and lateral)
press-fit and cement

The EXACTA stem’s family includes cementless and cemented straight stems (Plus version) for primary implant.
The stems for cementless press-fit application presents a double HaX-Pore® coating:
300 microns of pure porous Titanium and
50 microns of hydroxyapatite, applied
with plasma-spray technique in order to obtain good primary stability and encourage osteoblast growth.

Standard and Lateral

Two options with different offest (135° e 127°) to reproduce exactly the biomechanics of the hip.

Easy surgical access

The low-profile lateral shoulder design, more than avoid excessive bone sacrifice in the trochanteric region, enables easy insertion even in minimally invasive surgical approaches, such as the anterior access to the hip.


Vertical and horizontal grooves provide rotational and axial stability.

Taper 12/14

Threaded hole for posisioning/extraction

Mirror polished surface

The EXACTA Plus stems for cemented application presents a mirror polished surface and smoothed edges to avoid excessive stress transfer to the bone cement mantle surrounding the prosthesis.

Easy positioning

Sinking references to allow a precise stem positioning.

Distal centralizer


The EXACTA stems for cementless press-fit application are made of Titanium Aluminium Niobium forged alloy in compliance with ISO5832/11 Standards. The EXACTA Plus stems for cemented application are made of highly Nitrogenized Stainless Steel forged alloy in compliance with ISO5832/9 Standards.