“We believe that the technological evolution of prostheses is a continual, on-going process.
We are experts in this area and continually collaborate with our customers to translate their ideas into quality products.

We aim to give patients a new lease of life through prostheses they can forget are even there, and in critical cases, through customised solutions that allow mobility.

We collaborate with experts to integrate their specialist, cutting-edge technology with our prosthetics to come up with solutions that far exceed our customer’s expectations.”

Marco Perego
President and CEO


We design, manufacture and market orthopaedic prostheses for all types of patients from all over the world.

We are responsive to customer requests, flexible to market needs and we can keep our commitments because we have a short decision-making chain as well as a vertically integrated, all-in-one-spot production process which is unique in the orthopaedic landscape.

This enables our staff to have a complete overview of the entire process, enabling the incorporation of different competencies.

“Challenging Excellence in Technology”!