A unique double mobility cup: completely in trabecular titanium
for an high primary stability and
an hypoallergenic solution

Product range: 14 sizes press-fit
(Ø 38-64mm)

The ACORN TRASER® cup is a unique dual mobility solution.

Entirely made of titanium alloy by 3D printing technology, it combines two innovative technologies developed by Permedica – TRASER® and BIOLOY® to promote a stable primary press-fit anchorage and an optimal tribology for the coupling with the joint insert.

The ACORN TRASER® cup is also a hypoallergenic solution.

High primary stability

The cup has an hemispherical geometry with polar deflection and circumferential radial grooves to guarantee an effective press-fit in the equatorial region.

The presence of a 2mm protruded equatorial rim allows for a better coverage in the cranial region, enhancing stability.

TRASER® structure

The TRASER® randomized trabecular structure surface in contact with the bone promotes an excellent primary press-fit anchorage and osseointegration [1].

[1] Ragone, V., Canciani, E., Arosio, M. et al. In vivo osseointegration of a randomized trabecular titanium structure obtained by an additive manufacturing technique.
J Mater Sci: Mater Med 31, 17 (2020).

Inner surface BIOLOY® coating

The BIOLOY® TiNbN coating on the inner surface of the cup guarantees an optimal tribology for the coupling with the joint insert.

Trabecular surface

The dimension and randomized geometric shape of the trabecular surface, very similar to trabecular bone, offers an ideal structure for bone ingrowth, ensuring the secondary fixation of the implant.

Dual Mobility inserts

Dual Mobility inserts, available with 22 and 28mm inner diameter, are designed for a perfect coupling with the inner surface of every cup sizes, providing the highest articular stability.

They are made of UHWMPE (GUR1020) without calcium stearate, available also with Vitamin E VITAL-E® and VITAL-XE® version (cross linked).


ACORN TRASER® cups are made of Titanium Aluminium Vanadium alloy powders.
The articular inserts are made of UHMWPE without calcium stearate – ISO5834/1/2 also available with Vitamin E
(VITAL-E® and VITAL-XE® crosslinked version). BIOLOY® coating in TiNbN.