Product range:  10 anatomical sizes
(right and left)

The JUMP® System TRASER® Acetabular Cage is obtained through 3D printed Selective Laser Melting additive manufacturing process, which allows to obtain solid objects from 3D-CAD digital models by adding the raw material (Ti6Al4V powder) layer over layer.

The randomized size and geometrical shape of the trabecular porous surface in contact with the bone provides optimal structure for bone in-growth and biological type secondary fixation of the implant.

Titanium alloy Acetabular Cage to be used as a reinforcement of the acetabular bony structure in order to lodge a cemented acetabular component.
Optimized anatomical design developed on the basis of morphological analysis of several pelvis from both genders.

Cranial flange resting on the iliac spine, also utilizable for eventual bone grafts fixation.

The holes in the cranial region and on the iliac flange allows for screw insertion up to 15° angle.

Surface in contact with the bone with open cell 3D trabecular structure also present on the flanges without interruption.

Ischial flange with hole for bone compression screw fixation.

The size refers to the INTERNAL diameter of the Cage, useful to host the cemented acetabular component: the EXTERNAL diameter is 6 mm

By increasing of the size, the center of the cementing sphere moves laterally in order to limit the medial protrusion.


Cage: Titanium Alluminium Vanadium alloy (Ti6Al4V – ASTM F 2924).
Screws: Titanium Alluminium Vanadium alloy (Ti6Al4V – ISO5832/3).