Cemented option


Product range:
12 sizes neutral or hooded,
11 sizes retentive.

JUMP® System CEMENTED is an acetabular cemented cup for primary and/or revision surgery.

Neutral and hooded

JUMP® System CEMENTED is available both in neutral and 20° hooded version.

∅ 28 – 32 – 36mm articular socket

Radial and circumferential grooves

The external surface has an hemispherical shape, with large circumferential and radial grooves for the even distribution and anchorage of the bone cement.

Two metal rings (polar and equatorial) allows for radiographic traceability.

A retentive version is also available for patients with scarse muscle tone, where the risk of recurrent luxation is high. The special retention ring, similiar to that used for the Bipolar cup, ensures retention of the femoral head within the cup.


JUMP® System CEMENTED is an acetabular cup for cemented hip replacement made of UHWMPE without calcium stearate,
in compliance with ISO5834/1/2 Standards.