ROBIN is a collaborative Robot able to interact and support surgeons during bone resection tasks in TKA performed with a conventional cutting tool.

The precise and smooth ROBIN workflow will interact with the surgeon providing seamless valuable information for patient specific treatment, with real time check and target adjustment.

The OR staff empowered and adequately trained will be able to run TKA assisted by ROBIN without the need of any ROBIN technical specialist in OR.

ROBIN supports a pre-operative scanning free approach , providing savings of time and cost for the hospital.

Permedica and Orthokey are committed to provide constant solution improvement with new features and applications.
ROBIN platform will enable the implementation of new applications such as UKA or THA Robotic assisted procedures to be combined with the leading PERMEDICA solutions.



Improves clinical outcomes with safer intervention and faster recovery of expected quality of life targets, complication reduction and better post-operative satisfaction.


Greater confidence operating with a precise and easy to use Collaborative Robitic – COBOT.
ROBIN is a smooth, interactive tool designed for top quality implants.


Improved brand and ranking, thanks to new affordable enabling technology solutions to be combined with Permedica top quality prostheses.


Footprint in the OR is smaller more than 40% respect to any other competitor.

ROBIN has extremely competitive, affordable and sustainable pricing.

ROBIN can be transformed into an Open platform to work with different implants design selected by Permedica.
We are partnering with our surgeons to tailor the best solution for all the surgical procedures.

ROBIN is an advanced and safe and COBOT technology with 7 degrees of freedom.

Orthokey provides constant solution improvement with features and applications.