Product range: 10 femoral sizes, 10 tibial sizes, 9 PS and SS insert thicknesses*, 4 sizes of femoral modules, 2 lengths of femoral stems and 4 sizes of tibial stems.

GKS PRIME FLEX PS with MODULE is a solution for complex primary or simple revision TKA cases. The femoral module offers the possibility of combining cemented femoral stems with the PS femur.
GKS PRIME FLEX PS with MODULE is part of the RK system that extends the indication for revision cases.
The system can be used with the femoral and tibial TRASER cones of the RK system.

Cemented femoral stems

They are available in two different lengths (30 or 50 mm) and can be combined together to achieve a total length of 80 mm. The anchoring of the rods is done using cement.

BIOLOY® Femoral Module

Allows the connection of the endomedullary stems to the PS femoral component by means of special screws included in the same package.
It is available in 4 sizes in right and left versions and has a BIOLOY® surface coating.

Femoral component

The femoral component has been designed to minimise bone sacrifice due to its reduced thickness and size increments (2mm) as well as the reduced size of the interchondylar box (open bottom) and the absence of femoral pegs.It is available in 10 sizes in MICROLOY® and BIOLOY® surface-coated versions, both for cemented application.Particular attention has been paid to the posterior stabilisation mechanism, in order to reduce stress and ensure a gradual roll-back with ‘soft’ contact between post and cam.

PS and SS joint insert:

The articular insert is designed to allow a wide FEMOR/TIBIA coupling by ensuring that each femoral size can be matched with as many as 6 tibial sizes.
Each insert size fits 2 Tibial Plate sizes and is available in 9 thicknesses*, both in UHMWPE and VITAL-E®.
The correct coupling of the joint liner with the femoral and tibial components is guided by a colour code.

The PS insert provides optimal stability even in the absence of the posterior cruciate ligament.

The SS (super stabilised) insert has a larger post size to provide better mediolateral stability.

*Some thicknesses may be on request.

Tibial component

The cemented TOP tibial component has a plateau with a conical central body and lateral fins arranged in a delta pattern.
It is available in 10 sizes, divided into 5 pairs, each accepts one insert size.

Cemented tibial stems

They are available in four different sizes (L=40 mm: Ø 8 mm or Ø 10 mm; L= 60 mm; L= 80 mm).
The anchorage of the stems is done using cement.


Femoral component: Chrome Cobalt Molybdenum alloy ISO5832/4.
Articular insert: UHMWPE ISO5834/1/2 also available in VITAL-E® version (polyethylene with added antioxidant Vitamin E).
Tibial component – Stems: Titanium-Aluminium Vanadium alloy ISO5832/3.
Femoral module: Titanium Aluminium Vanadium ASTM F 2924
Module fixing screws: Chrome Cobalt Molybdenum alloy ISO5832/12.