A proven concept

Triple tapered design
Rectangular cross section
Triple offset

Product range: 13 sizes (3 offset)

SYNTHESIS is a femoral stem that combines a widely tested anchoring concept of the three-dimensional conical design and rectangular section with a range of stems designed to allow maximum reproducibility of anatomical joint geometry, thanks to the availability of stems with 3 different offsets.

3 different offsets

3 offsets available for each stem size (CCD 127°; 131,5°; 136°), with an increase of 5mm without affecting the limb length.


The conical three-dimensional design and the rectangular section give the system adequate stability.

Metaphyseal region

The wide metaphyseal section allows fitting on the calcar region; the longitudinal ribs penetrate the cancellous bone increasing primary stability.


Reduced neck cross-section and short taper for optimized range of motion (ROM).

Taper 12/14

Threaded hole for positioning/extraction

Optimized ribs design

The ribs elliptical geometry was designed to allow optimal fitting to the proximal femur cross-section.


Expressly conceived for a cementless fixation, the SYNTHESIS stems are made of Titanium Aluminum Niobium forged alloy in compliance with ISO5832 / 11 Standards. The surface finish presents a microstructure with optimized roughness to favor osseointegration.


The rasps handles of the SYNTHESIS system are provided with a simple and safe coupling and are available in different designs depending on the surgical access used (posterolateral, lateral, anterior).