Straight tapered
wedge stem

Bone sparing
High offset version
Press-fit with titanium porous coating

Product range: 10 sizes (standard and lateral)
press-fit and cement

The SL X-Pore is a straight femoral stem for cementless application which derives from the concept of the SelfLocking cemented stem.
The thin section design promotes the prosthesis wedging itself into the medullary femoral canal and ensures stable support on the medial and lateral cortex.

Standard and Lateral

Two options are available, with different offsets to exactly reproduce the hip biomechanics.
The lateralized version, with the same CCD angle, increases the offset by 6mm.

X-Pore coating

The SL X-Pore stems are coated in the metaphyseal region with 500 micron of plasma-sprayed porous Titanium o applicati con tecnica plasma-spray to ensure a good primary stabilization.

Cemented version

On the SelfLocking stem, the anterior and posterior surfaces present longitudinal grooves that favor cement anchoring both in the metaphyseal area and in the diaphyseal area, giving the implant excellent primary stability.

Taper 12/14

Slot for impactor

Niche for extraction

Smoothed distal tip

The distal taper avoids the concentration of stresses in the diaphyseal area.


The SL X-Pore stems for cementless press-fit application are made of Titanium Aluminium Vanadium forged alloy in compliance with ISO5832/3 Standards. The SelfLocking stems for cemented application are made of highly Nitrogenized Stainless Steel forged alloy in compliance with ISO5832/9 Standards.


SL X-Pore and SelfLocking stems share the same instruments set. This, in addition to allowing the intraoperative choice between the version with and without cement, reduces the overall dimensions of the instruments. The rasps handles of the SL X-Pore / SelfLocking system are provided with a simple and safe coupling and are available in different designs depending on the surgical access used (posterolateral, lateral, anterior).