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Product range: 8 sizes (Ø 44-62mm;
Ø external 48-66mm)

Acetabular Reinforcement Ring to be used as a reinforcement of the acetabular bony structure in order to accomodate a cemented acetabular cup.

Cranial lip for the acetabular upper rim, also useful for bone graft fixation in case a roof reconstruction is needed (displasies).

Elliptical screw holes displaced in the load bearing area, allows screw insertion with 20° angle.

Smooth matt finished inner surface.

Microstructured bone contact surface, 4-6µm roughness.

Cranial holes externally protruding to enhance stability.

The size refers to the inner cavity and the effective size of the cemented cup to be lodged. Outer diameter is ± 4mm larger


Unalloyed Titanium in compliance with ISO5832/2 Standards.