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Modular revision stem
Stable anchoring
Free orientation

PM ProMotion is a modular femoral stem especially designed to be a valid tool in hip reconstruction surgeries after the explantation of failed prosthetic components. The system was studied for simplifying as much as possible revision techniques and optimizing implant fixation to the bone.
In revision surgeries, after removal of the old prosthesis, the bone conditions often make it difficult to restore the correct anatomical geometry. Thanks to the modularity of its components the ProMotion stem finds the right solution for restoration of an ideal situation.

Product range

A wide range of diaphyseal stems available in different lengths and diameters, either press-fit or cemented, allows maximum anatomical adaptability and restoration of correct joint geometry.


Press-fit diaphyseal stems STRAIGHT (140mm) or CURVED (200mm)
in 13 diameters with 1mm step increment


Cemented diaphyseal STRAIGHT stems (140 and 200mm)
in 12, 14 and 16mm diameter


Press-fit diaphyseal stems DISPLASY (100mm) in 11 diameters,
for primary implant


Metaphyseal bodies STANDARD (CCD 130°) and
LATERALIZED (CCD 127° – offset 5mm) in 50, 60, 70mm lenght


Extension body (30mm)


Locking Screw (TiN coated)


Sealing cap

Optimal primary stability

Stable implant fixation for shear and torsional stresses .

Graduated stem introducer

Indicating the length of the metaphiseal body to be used permits maximum precision in limb length restoration.

Free orientation

Free 360° orientation of the Metaphyseal Body independent of stem positioning.

Maximum adaptation

Thanks to the component’s modularity it is possible to achieve a length between 190mm and 300mm. Once the ideal diaphyseal stem has been inserted, a proximal excursion from 50mm to 100mm is achievable by combining the metaphyseal body and eventually the extension body.

Stable anchoring

The conical geometry of the stem and the ribbed cross-section guarantees a secure and rotational stable anchoring in the femoral diaphysis, reducing the risks of sinking . The curved stem has a radius of 900mm with 10mm offset.

Safe connection

The connection between the components is ensured by a conical coupling, with torque-limiter controlled tightening and ensured by a Locking Screw.

Intra-operative flexibility

Even in the most complicated cases thanks to the “logical” instruments design and system modularity that allow review and revision at any time.
Moreover the limited number of components and the friendly intrumentation set saves time and consequently reduces the cost of surgery.

Taper 12/14


All the components of PM ProMotion system are made of Titanium Aluminium Niobium forged alloy in compliance with ISO5832/11 Standards.