Classics rules

Straight double tapered stem
Rectangular cross section
Excellent primary stability

Product range: 14 sizes standard
and 12 sizes lateral

The PBF are straight stems with a conical profile both in the frontal and in the sagittal plane in order to ensure an optimal filling of the femoral canal.
The rectangular section gives the implant an important primary stability.

Standard and Lateral

The PBF stems are availabloe in Standard version (CCD 131°) and Lateralized version with CCD 123° and offset variable from +6 to +7.8mm compared to the corresponding Standard version stem size.

Surface finishing

The bone-prosthesis contact surface is microstructured by shot blasting with double corundum jet in order to favor osseointegration.

Tapered distal tip

The distal tip of the PBF stem is rounded and tapered to avoid stress concentration in the diaphyseal region.

Taper 12/14


Reduced neck cross-section and short taper for
optimized range of motion (ROM).


Expressly conceived for a cementless fixation, the PBF stems are made of Titanium Aluminum Niobium forged alloy in compliance with ISO5832 / 11 Standards. The surface finish presents a microstructure with optimized roughness to favor osseointegration.


The rasps handles of the PBF system are provided with a simple and safe coupling and are available in different designs depending on the surgical access used (posterolateral, lateral, anterior).