Always focused towards innovation and technological support, Permedica partners with Orthokey to provide a smart navigation system which is fast, simple and accurate.

Based on surgeons’ experience and requirements, BLU-IGS by Orthokey is the only navigation software with dedicated research module.
It integrates anatomical data, surgical workflows and biomechanical models in order to support the surgeon during surgery.

BLU-IGS features an ergonomic and effective user interface, designed to adapt to surgeon’s needs.
The system is available in two versions: compact and light.


Solutions provided by Orthokey cover major intervention of the lower limb prosthetics.

Software of BLU-IGS platform includes the main procedures for lower-limb surgery.

  • Monet is an effective and fast software for Uni compartmental knee surgery
  • Mirò is the state of the art software for total knee surgery
  • Hopper introduces new concepts in total hip surgery with less morbidity and greater efficacy
  • Dalì is a dedicated software for Osteotomy
  • Rho is a valuable help during complex cases like Revision of total knee implants;
  • For the centres involved in high level research; Klee is a flexible research tool, that can be integrated with the other applications.


MONET-UKA is the software dedicated to uni-compartmental knee implants.
Our approach allow to optimize tibial bone preservation and knee stability during range of motion.
MONET-UKA, with few and simple steps, guides the surgeon to find the best patient specific implant positioning.

Main key features of MONET
  • Accurate planning based on pre-operative limb deformation and gap balance.
  • Precise slope determination and bone preserving.
  • Optimized software interface.
  • Suitable for minimal invasive approach.
  • Optimized surgical tool compatible with all conventional surgical instruments.
  • Possibility to evaluate knee kinematics and stability with the KLEE module.


Mirò is the software for Total Knee implants, part of the BLU-IGS navigation system family.
Developed by Orthokey in cooperation with Rizzoli Institute in Italy, the software allows to perform surgery keeping all the key phases under control, ensuring a perfect result.
In few steps it is possible to plan and control optimal resections for femur and tibia, based on bone morphology and a correct ligament balance in extension and in flexion.

Effective interface
  • To show in an efficient way only the requested information
  • To navigate only the necessary steps
Optimal resections
  • Planning of the optimal resection level on tibia and femur, based on the desired final alignment
  • Evaluation of extension and flexion joint gaps before femoral resections
  • Reduced morbidity of the tools
  • Competitive cost
  • Surgical time comparable to conventional surgery
  • Possibility to operate with minimal skin incision
  • Integration with the conventional surgical tools
  • Reduced number of disposables

Main key features of MIRÒ

  • Implant positioning based on limb alignment and ligament balancing
  • Optimized software interface
  • Personalized workflow
  • Optimized surgical tools compatible with all conventional surgical instruments
  • No pre-operative images required
  • Possibility to evaluate knee kinematics and stability with the KLEE module


HOPPER-THA is the software dedicated to navigation of hip implants. An accurate positioning of acetabular cup and the preservation of leg length and offset are the keys to restore a good articular function and a long implant survivorship.
HOPPER-THA, with four independent modules, satisfies all surgical needing with no time waste and improved accuracy.

Main key features of HOPPER
  • Accurate cup position and orientation
  • Virtual planning of offset and length variation for each implant combination without the use of invasive navigated tools
  • Pinless intraoperative evaluation of offset and length variation
  • Pinless femoral component simulation

Orthokey is an effective system!

Orthokey’s effort in designing effective solutions for computer aided surgery yields the best clinical results with less stress for the surgeon.

The evaluation of Orthokey navigation system has shown that improves not only the clinical result, with more accurate resections and more repeatable results, but is able provide comparable surgical time with respect to conventional surgery.