The real neck prosthesis

Optimal proprioception
Physiological functional recovery
Maximum bone stock preservation

Product range: 6 sizes

The femoral proximal neck anatomy presents a particular trabecular structure that implicates precise distribution of weight bearing stresses.
The JUST prosthesis fits perfectly into the trabecular bone system. Following Wolff’s law, it ricreates a physological bone remodelling, utilizing the same trabecular system for osseointegration.

Wolff’s law

“The elements composing bone does position or remove themselves in the direction of functional pressure, and increase or decrease their mass to reflect the quantity of functional pressure”.

Optimal proprioception

Extremely easy implantation

Physiological functional recovery

Maximum bone stock preservation

Calcar region

The solid calcar region, crisscrossed by dense trabeculae of the principal compressive group, support the implant.

Distal portion

The arches of the inferior trabecular structure support the tail section of the Just prosthesis which acts as a “keystone” guaranteeing it’s stability.
The curved tail section of the Just prosthesis, as well as having an important function in the physiological load transmission, also covers the fundamental role of blocking during the torqueing moment. This curvature, inserted into the “slanting double cylinder system”, made up of the femoral neck and proximal diaphyseal, guarantees rotational stability.

The alternative to Hip Resurfacing

Indicated even in the aseptic necrosis of femoral head

Physiological Offset

Restores physiological hip off-set, indipendently from the CCD angle

Surface coating

The JUST prosthesis has an HaX-Pore® coated surface, with 500 microns of Pure Titanium and 40 microns of hydroxyapatite applied with plasma-spray technique, which guarantees good primary stabilization and stimulates osseointegration.

12/14 Taper

With threaded hole for extraction.

The JUST stem is made of Titanium Aluminium Niobium forged alloy in compliance with ISO5832/11 Standards.