One jump ahead

Double porous coating
Hemispherical geometry with polar

Product range: 14 sizes (Ø 44-70mm),
2 sizes PE (Ø 48-50mm).

JUMP®System includes a range of acetabular cups with different fixation methods that offer the orthopedic specialist different solutions to face multiple situations.
Jump System Press-Fit is an acetabular prosthesis for primary cementless hip replacement.

High primary stability

The high primary stability of the cup is ensured by the low profile and polar deflection, which promote the equatorial distribution of load forces, as well as by the particular ULTRAFIT® finish which gives an average oversizing of
1,000 microns (including coating) in the equatorial region.

Liner patented locking system

Porous coating

The cup surface is coated with bioactive materials such as pure Titanium and Hydroxyapatite which improve primary stability and enhance biologic fixation.

3 types of coating are available:

  • HaX-Pore®: double plasma-sprayed porous Titanium and Hydroxyapatite
    (500 ± 50 µm Ti e 40 ± 10 µm HA) in order to obtain good primary stability and encourage osteoblasts growth;
  • X-Pore: with plasma-sprayed porous Titanium coating (500 ± 50 µm)
  • HA: with plasma-sprayed Hydroxyapatite coating (40 ± 10 µm)

JUMP® System PE

JUMP® System PE allows to use polyethylene liners (UHMWPE or VITAL-XE) accepting 36mm ball heads starting from small cup sizes (48 and 50mm).


The JUMP® System cups provides a range of joint liners in UHMWPE,
VITAL-XE® and BIOLOX® delta
ceramic allowing coupling with articular heads of different diameters, including Dual Mobility inserts which represents a reliable solution for those cases where a high risk of dislocation is expectable.

Dual mobility

The JUMP® System Dual Mobility represents a reliable solution for those cases where a high possibility of dislocation can be expected (patients with poor muscle tone or neuromotor control) allowing to apply to the JUMP® System cups the advantages of a Dual Mobility joint.

A metal insert allows the use of ACORN Dual Mobility inserts made of UHMWPE or VITAL-E®.


JUMP® System cups are made of Titanium Aluminium Vanadium forged alloy in compliance with ISO5832/3 Standards.