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Emispherical screwed cup
Optimized conical thread
Hemispherical reamers

Product range: 12 sizes (Ø 48-70mm),
4 sizes PE without holes (Ø 48-50mm),
12 sizes PE with holes (Ø 48-70mm).

JUMP® System COOPER is an acetabular threaded prosthesis, indicated for primary and/or revision surgery.

High primary stability

JUMP® System COOPER is an hemispherical cup with truncated-cone thread. This particular shape allows the use of hemisphercial reamers and gives excellent primary stability.

Sloped thread

The truncated cone shaped thread is sloped towards the apex of the cup.
The particular inclination allows to improve the cup grip during screwing insertion and to reduce the risk of protrusion.

COOPER PE without holes

COOPER PE version has a reduced wall thickness in order to allow the usage of polyethylene inserts (UHMWPE and VITAL-E®) with 36mm ball heads in small cup sizes (48 and 50mm).

COOPER PE with holes

JUMP® System COOPER PE with holes is particularly indicated for those revision cases with reduced bone loss. The holes allow additional cup fixation by means of cancellous bone screws.


The JUMP® System cups provides a range of joint liners in UHMWPE,
VITAL-XE® and BIOLOX® delta ceramic
allowing coupling with articular heads of different diameters, including Dual Mobility inserts which represents a reliable solution for those cases where a high risk of dislocation is expectable.

Dual mobility

The JUMP® System Dual Mobility represents a reliable solution for those cases where a high possibility of dislocation can be expected (patients with poor muscle tone or neuromotor control) allowing to apply to the JUMP® System cups the advantages of a Dual Mobility joint.

A metal insert allows the use of ACORN Dual Mobility inserts made of UHMWPE or VITAL-E®.


JUMP® System COOPER cups are made of Titanium Aluminium Vanadium forged alloy in compliance with ISO5832/3 Standards.