Product range: 10 femoral sizes; 10 tibial sizes,
2 versions (CR/AS) and 5 insert thicknesses*

GKS PRIME Flex TRASER is a revolutionary cementless knee prosthesis.
Both femoral and tibial components are created by 3D printing  (additive manufacturing) which allows to obtain solid objects from 3D-CAD digital models by adding the raw material (Ti6Al4V powder) layer over layer up to completion.

The randomized size and geometrical shape of the trabecular porous surface in contact with the bone provides an optimal structure for bone in-growth and secondary biological fixation of the implant.

GKS PRIME Flex TRASER represents a hypoallergenic solution due to use of titanium powder only. Moreover, TRASER components are super-lightweight.

TRASER femoral component

The TRASER® femoral component is entirely 3D printed, made of Titanium alloy and it is compatible with both the mobile and fixed bearing options of the GKS PRIME FLEX range.

Its design has been studied to optimize the prosthesis performance during flexion: the increased thickness of the posterior condyles and the radius of curvature allow a large contact area even at high degrees of flexion.

The high hardness conferred by the BIOLOY® coating improves the tribological properties of the joint surface by reducing the wear coefficient of the coupling with polyethylene.

Optimized posterior condyles thickness

Narrow and elongated trochlear profile

Rounded edges

CR and AS articular inserts

The articular insert is available in 5 sizes (each size matching with 2 sizes of Tibia) and in 5 thicknesses* for each size. It refers to the tibial component and comes in two types:

The CR option is designed to ensure optimal behaviour when the PCL functions are preserved.

The AS (Anterior Stabilized) option is anatomically shaped with a high medial anterior lip that inhibits posterior slipping of the tibia when the PCL functions are compromised.

A colour code facilitates the correct coupling between tibial plate and insert.

* Some thicknesses may be on request.

TRASER tibial component

The TRASER® tibial component is entirely 3D printed, manufactured in Titanium alloy and characterized by an anatomically shaped baseplate which has a cylindrical central body with anti-rotation flange (with the exception of the first 4 sizes) and 4 anchoring pegs.

The polished distal stem can be replaced with a version presenting a trabecular surface.

It is available in 10 sizes divided in 5 couples, each one accepting one size of joint liner and compatible also with GKS PRIME FLEX PS System inserts.


Femoral and tibial components: Titanium Aluminium Vanadium alloy ISO5832/3.
Articular insert: UHMWPE ISO5834/1/2 available also in VITAL-E® version (UHMWPE added with antioxidizing Vitamin E).