Product range: 10 femoral sizes; 10 tibial sizes;
9 insert thicknesses*

GKS PRIME FLEX PS is the fixed bearing posterior-stabilized option of the system.
The femoral component is available in the cemented version only and the tibial component is the same tibia TOP compatible with
the CR version.

Femoral component

The femoral component was designed for minimal bone sacrifice thanks to the limited thickness and reduced size increments (2mm) as well as the reduced bulk of the intercondylar box (open bottom) and the absence of the femoral pegs.
It is available in 10 sizes in MICROLOY® version and with BIOLOY® surface coating, both for cemented application.
Particular attention has been given to the posterior stabilization mechanism, in order to reduce the stresses and guarantee a gradual roll-back with a “soft” contact between post and cam.

Articular insert PS

The articular insert is designed to allow a wide FEMUR/TIBIA pairing guaranteeing for each femoral size the coupling with 6 tibial sizes.
Each size of insert fits with 2 sizes of Tibial Plate and is available in 9 thicknesses*, both in UHMWPE and VITAL-E®.
The correct coupling of the joint liner with the femoral and tibial components is guided by a colour code.

* Some thicknesses may be on request.

Tibial component

The TOP Tibial Component is available in cemented and cementless HaX-Pore® coated version.
It is characterized by a baseplate with a conical central body and delta displaced lateral wings.
It comes in 10 sizes divided into 5 colour coded groups, each one fitting with 1 insert size and it is compatible with the GKS PRIME FLEX CR option.


Femoral components: CoCr alloy ISO5832/4.
Articular insert: UHMWPE ISO5834/1/2 available also in VITAL-E® version (UHMWPE added with antioxidizing Vitamin E).
Tibial component: Titanium Aluminium Vanadium alloy ISO5832/3.