Unicondylar knee solution

Cemented and press-fit version
BIOLOY® TiNbN coating

Product range: 4 femoral sizes,
6 tibial sizes

GKS ONE is an unicondylar knee replacement that substitutes the articular surfaces of single section of the knee affected by disease, indicated in patients with limited joint damage as an alternative to a total prosthesis.

The femoral component in cobalt chrome molybdenum alloy is available in cemented and press-fit versions with both surfaces obtained through the Permedica MICROLOY® surface finishing process.
The HaX-Pore® version is coated with 250µm pure titanium and 60µm hydroxyapatite, applied with plasma spray tecnique.

Also available in BIOLOY® TiNbN coated version.

The tibial component is available in cemented all-poly and cementless metal-back version.

The “ALL-POLY” tibial component presents a complete flat surface where the femoral component can move freely, guided by the ligaments.

The inferior surface of the tibial base-plate has grooves to enhance cement grip and implant stability.

The Metal-Back component includes a Titanium hemi-plate where the UHMWPE insert is clipped.

The bone contact surface presents an HaX-Pore® coating and 4 fins placed crosswise around the hole for the stabilizing screw.

The UHWMPE articular inserts are available in 4 thicknesses.


Femoral component in CoCr alloy ISO 5832/4.
Tibial metal-back in Titanium Aluminium Vanadium ISO 5832/3.
"All-poly" tibial component and insert of metal-back plate in UHMWPE ISO 5834/1/2.