Unicondylar knee

Cemented and press-fit version
BIOLOY® TiNbN coating

Product range: 6 anatomical femoral
sizes in 3 different versions;
Tibial metal-back in 6 medial and 4 lateral sizes;
Tibia all-poly in 7 sizes.

GKS ONE Evo is an unicondylar knee replacement that substitutes the articular surfaces of single section of the knee affected by disease, indicated in patients with limited joint damage as an alternative to a total prosthesis.

The femoral component, made of chrome cobalt alloy with BIOLOY® coating, is available in 6 anatomical sizes that can be used on both condyles (right medial to left lateral and vice versa) in cemented and cementless versions (R3 BIOLOY® version with HaX-Pore® coating only) and 3 different options:

  • R3 (distal thickness 3mm) and R5 (distal thickness 5mm) are ‘resurfacing’ type and have an internal profile that reproduces the curvature of the femoral condyle, allowing straight resections to be limited to the posterior condyle only, thus preserving bone stock.
  • CH, on the other hand, has an internal profile with angular resections (distal and posterior bevel).

The sagittal curvature of the femoral component has three load arcs with distinct centers, with varying radius depending on the size.

The stability of the femoral component is guaranteed by two cylindrical pegs that align with the mechanical axis of the femur, as well as by a longitudinal flange (not present in the CH version).

The titanium alloy metal-back tibial component is available in 6 sizes for the medial hemiplate and 4 sizes for the lateral hemiplate, both cemented and cementless. It has 2 stabilizing pegs arranged in the anterior quadrant and a medial flange.

The cementless version has a TRASER® trabecular bone contact surface.

The relative UHMWPE inserts fit by snap-in and are available in 6 thicknesses, also in VITAL-E® version (added with Vitamin E natural antioxidant with anti-age function). Each size of insert is compatible with 2 sizes of tibia and the coupling is guided by a colour code.

The all-poly tibial component is designed with the aim of recreating a structure capable of evenly distributing static and dynamic stresses involving normal knee joint activity. It’s articular surface is conceived to allow optimal functionality and range of movement in the presence of the posterior cruciate ligament. It comes available in 7 sizes and 6 thicknesses, also in VITAL-E® version, added with Vitamin E natural antioxidant.


Femoral component in Chrome Cobalt alloy ISO 5832/4.
Metal-back tibial in Titanium-Aluminium Vanadium alloy ISO 5832/3 – ASTM 2924.
All-poly tibial plate and metal-back plate insert made of UHMWPE ISO 5834/1/2 and VITAL-E®.