Product range: Standard
and Antiluxation version

GKS BUTTERFLY is a three-compartimental gliding knee prosthesis, modular and anatomic, available in Right and Left version.
Semi-constrained and stabilized in all planes it is indicated for primary replacement in varus/valgus axial corrections;
and for revision cases.

A natural choice

A rotational axis (a) passing at the internal tibial spine level, parallel to but not coincident with the mechanichal axis (b) and perpendicular but not incident with the (posteriorized) flexion-extension axis (c) has been preferred by engineers and Surgeons since it allows the most natural movement as well as the greatest mechanical “harmony” between implant components.

Flexion and Rotation

Particular care has been given to the trochlear shape, optimized in the laboratory after computer processing, in order to avoid patellar dislocation even at maximum flexion degree (130-140°). The degree of rotation improves as the degree of flexion increases; rotation is not allowed with the leg fully extended.

In the Antiluxation version the polyethylene insert binds the femoral component on the tibia avoiding dislocation.

Tibial component

Total and hemi tibial augments are available in different thicknesses for each size and can be fixed to the inferior face of the tibial component by means of proper screws.

Modular intramedullary stems

The intramedullary stems are available both in cemented and cementless version, to be screwed onto the femoral and tibial components through Morse-taper connection.
Distal centralizers are foreseen for 105 and 160mm length cemented stems.


Femoral and tibial components: Cobalt Chromium alloy ISO5832/4. Articular insert, femoral bush, femoral spacer, patella and distal centralizers: ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) ISO5834/1/2. Cemented stems and MICROLOY® femoral bush: Cobalt Chromium alloy ISO5832/12.
Press-fit stems, Nickel Free stems and Tibial Augments, screws for tibial augments: Titanium Aluminium Vanadium alloy ISO5832/3.
Tibial Augments:PM734 highly nitrogenized stainless steel forged alloy ISO5832/9 or Titanium Aluminium Vanadium alloy ISO5832/3 (Nickel Free version).