Designed for MIS approaches.
Bone sparing.
Anatomical curvature.

Product range: 12 sizes press-fit
(standard e lateral)

EXACTA RS is the new stem of the
EXACTA family.

EXACTA RS combines a unique triple tapered design with a double plasma spray coating HaX-Pore® in the mataphyseal region (300 µm pure Titanium and 50 µm HA applied with plasma spray technique) in order optimize primary stability and osseintegration.


The triple tapered design (frontal, coronal and sagittal) supports axial and rotational stability favouring load distribution in the metaphyseal region.

The progressive growth of the neck proportional to the stem size allows for a better restoration of the natural anatomy.

The anatomical curvature and the optimized dimensions allow an easy introduction even with minimally invasive techniques or with anterior approach, as well as a limited bone sacrifice.

Standard e Lateral

12 sizes STANDARD and LATERAL, with the same 132° CCD angle and 6 or 7mm offset in the lateral version, accordingto the size.


12/14 (top angle 5°42’30”) BIOLOX approved.


Reduced section to optimize ROM.
Mirror polished finishing to minimize wear on UHMWPE joint liner.


Horizontal grooves in the proximal portion for improved axial stability.

Bio-active coating

The HaX-Pore® double coating of porous Titanium and hydroxyaopatite applied with plasma spray technique in the metaphyseal region guarantees an optimal primary fixation and encourages osteoblast colonization thus promoting biological integration.

Distal tip

The tapered design and the glossy finishing avoid load concentration on the femoral cortex thus postoperative thigh pain.


The EXACTA RS stems for cementless press-fit application are made of Titanium Aluminium Niobium forged alloy in compliance with ISO5832/11 Standards.