Range of solutions

With or without Vitamin-E
Double Mobility option

The range of JUMP® System joint liners includes UHMWPE, VITAL-XE® (both available in neutral, 10° and 20° hooded and retentive version), BIOLOX® delta ceramic and Dual Mobility joint liners.

UHMWPE inserts in neutral and hooded version, both 10° and 20°.

VITAL-XE® inserts blended with Vitamin E with anti-oxydand properties. Available both in neutral and hooded version, 10° and 20°.

BIOLOX® delta inserts allow ceramic-on-ceramic slow friction coupling.

The JUMP® System Dual Mobility represents a reliable solution for those cases where a high possibility of dislocation can be expected (patients with poor muscle tone or neuromotor control) allowing to apply to the JUMP® System cups the advantages of a Dual Mobility joint.

A colour code reported on the packaging labels of the both cups and the inserts allows for quick and easy identification of the correct matching.

WARNING: for the compatibility between cup and insert please refer to the Surgical Technique of the specific cup.


UHMWPE: Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene without calcium stearate – ISO5834 / 1/2 also in the version added
with Vitamin E (Alpha-Tocopherol) antioxidant VITAL-E® and VITAL-XE® (cross-linked).
BIOLOX® delta: mixture of alumina and zirconium oxides – ISO6474 / 2.
BIOLOY®: CrCo forged alloy – ISO5832 / 12 or PM734 forged alloy of high nitrogen steel – ISO5832 / 9 with TiNbN coating.