Safety first

Double mobility cup
Range of Motion

Product range: 14 sizes
press-fit and cemented (Ø 38-64mm)

ACORN is a Dual Mobility acetabular cup for primary cases, available both in press-fit (cementless) and cemented version.
The concept of dual mobility involves the use of a metal shell within which articulates a mobile insert, of a diameter perfectly compatible, where the femaral ball head articulates as well.
First introduced in the ‘70s by Prof. Bousquet, this type of implant has demonstrated in clinical use high joint stability even in the most critical cases.

High primary stability

The cup has an hemispherical geometry with polar deflection and circumferential radial grooves to guarantee optimal press-fit in the equatorial region. The presence of a 10° protruded rim allows for a better coverage in the cranial region.

Porous Coating

The ACORN cementless version presents a HaX-Pore® double plasma-sprayed coating (500μm Titanium + 40μm Hydroxyapatite) in order to obtain a good primary fixation and promote osteoblast colonization.

Dual Mobility inserts

Dual Mobility inserts, available with 22 and 28mm inner diameter, are designed for a perfect coupling with the inner surface of every cup sizes, providing the highest articular stability.

They are made of UHWMPE (GUR1020) without calcium stearate, available also with Vitamin E VITAL-E® and VITAL-XE® version (cross linked).


ACORN cups are made of PM734 highly nitrogenized stainless steel alloy – ISO5832/9.
The articular inserts are made of UHMWPE without calcium stearate – ISO5834/1/2 also available with Vitamin E
(VITAL-E® and VITAL-XE® crosslinked version). BIOLOY® coating in TiNbN.